[Review] A’pieu Water Light Tint #RD03 Bitter Rose

This is the first time of reviewing something on my blog 😁 i hope you like it 😊

For the brand it self was very well know in Korea and they relaunch this lip tint in a new packaging that really classy.

This is the packaging looks like, does it classy 😊. And this lip tint have 8 different colour but i choose the RD03 or bitter rose that looks like YSL. 407 Carmin Session

The texture it self was ligth on my lips and it glides smoothly on my lips the colour pigmentation were good with single swipe and it has fruity smels that not to overwhelm.

This is the swatch on my hand and it was really mlbb colour 😊


– Has floral and fruit extracts infused into this product that gives moistness and smothness on your lips

– Feels light on your lips

– Good pigmentation

– Natural look


– Need to reapply since this is not transferproof